Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jesus’ Feet and Hands [4th in a series of 4 written for Holy Week]

I drove the nails in.
Blow by blow.

Looking at this miracle worker’s
I thought of the healing they had brought.
Not once since the arrest
had I seen him fight back;
Raise a fist,
or block a blow.

Again, blow by blow
I drove the nails in
and looking at his feet
I imagined all the places
He had walked
the people
He had helped.

I was crippling a man
who spent his life
doing good…
As I nailed him to the cross,
I permanently prevented
his hands from healing again.

Oh God, I’m sorry!
I caused such pain
to One,
so full of love.
How could you ever
forgive me?

My hands struck his face
And covered his eyes
when the love I saw
was more than I could bare.

His hands, touched the blind
and gave them sight.
His hands, touched the lepers
and made them clean.
His hands reached up to His Father
And brought the dead back to life.
His beautiful hands…His beautiful feet

Oh God
I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry…

My road has lead to
ruin and violence,
pain and death.

His road has lead to love.
Many were healed of diseases
and set free from demons…

As I look back, I know …
I was longing to cross over
and follow the “narrow road”
I wanted to leave behind
the life of sin I’d chosen.

I follow Him.
My feet have chosen
His path.
My hands will serve others
with love.

The “King of the Jews”
is my King
I put my life in His hands,
And worship at His feet.

Jesus’ back/shoulders

Monday (18 April 2011)

I used the whip to tear his back and shoulders
into pieces of ragged meat!

I commanded him to carry the crossbeam
to his own death.

I shouldn’t have been surprised
when I had to call an on looker
to assist him.

But the compassion I saw
was in Jesus’ eyes
not the Cyrene’s.

It was as if Jesus
was the one lifting burdens.

Something inside me knew
what I was seeing
was more than a human event.

There was something different about this man.
No one ever reacted like this.

Why didn’t he hate me?!
Why wasn’t he angry?
Where were his threats of revenge?

Who was this man,
this “king of the Jews”?

What have I done?