Sunday, December 28, 2014

God loves you

I asked God what I could write
that would be encouraging.
Say: "God loves you".
I said, that sounds kinda corny
and some might think I'm crazy....
Crazy, not because it's not true,
but because I asked God something like that,
and He answered
and I heard Him
and I obeyed and wrote it down.
Some might think it's too simple,
God would give a deeper message.
But, the Bible mentions love 348 times.
so it must be important to God.
What if all the rules
were just to protect you from hurting yourself
and others?
What if He only said not to do something,
because it leads to bondage and pain
and He loves you and wants you to live in freedom.
He did say the most important rule
was to love God and love people.
That could be because He wanted us to love him back.
and stop hurting others
(because he loves them).
God loves you!
Seems simple,
but it pretty much sums up the Bible.
And Christianity.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

For some, the worst thing about Christianity is Christians

I've been meaning to write this for a while, so here goes:
The most offensive thing about Christianity (for those who do not believe in God) is Christians. May I just say "I'm sorry". For everyone of us who (by our own failings) have turned you away from God, I'm sorry. Some times we do stupid things, spontaneously or foolishly and if it's harmful to others, selfish, arrogant or not loving, it's sin (plane and simple).

Sometimes Christians feel everything they do and say, mus...t be right and must be from God, because they follow God or they follow someone who follows God. But the truth is, all we humans, make mistakes. If you read the Bible, and see how Jesus behaved and if you study His behavior, and model your life after it (Christ follower) you will behave in a humble, loving manner. Yes, there are a few times Jesus behaved angry or called someone out who was in sin, but He was most always addressing Church-goers.

I'm not writing this because I'm angry at anyone, I have no ax to grind. And I love the Church (sinners and saints alike). I'm writing because God has given me such peace and joy, I wish to share it with those who have walked away from God, because of the behavior of His followers.

We don't get any points (in heaven) for telling folks about God. We (at our best) tell about God's goodness for the same reason the angels told the shepherds about Christ's birth. The angels came to the shepherds because it was cold outside and very dark and the shepherds were considered low class (in society) because of their dirty job, so the angels wanted to tell them "good news", that unto them a child was born, who is Christ the Lord. They told how He had come to bring them peace and great joy! Those lowly shepherds were invited to come and behold the Child who was born King! The invitation was not brought to the wealthy town folk, it was brought to those who sit outside at night and look at the sky, and ponder "what's it all about and why am I here?"

God bless your celebration of Christ's birth. And may you find great peace and joy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Light of the World

Light of the World

Darkness covered the Earth,

Darkness that can be felt,

Deep darkness

God said”

Let there be light”

And a baby took His first breath

In Bethlehem

The brilliant


Was breath-taking

The people walking in darkness

Saw a great light;

On those living in the land

Of the shadow of death

A light had dawned.

And God said:

It is good.”

Epic news

Brought to humble shepherds

In the night

A great company of heavenly host


Glory to God in the highest

And on earth, Peace

To men on whom his favor rests

The unfathomable delight that somehow

God favored men

who sit on the ground

In the darkness

And smell of animals,

Low birth,

Low cast,

Low income,

Yet this is how Christ came.

Born then resting in the hay,

The smell of animals in the air.

Equality with God

He did not grasp,

But born to the lowly,

In their neighborhood,

Visited first by the homeless.  

The first Christmas trappings…

A birth by lantern light

A bright star in the night

The radiance from a Baby’s face

Angels singing

Animals in awe

Humans in awe

God is with us
c. Kim Damon 2009