Tuesday, June 24, 2014

God's wrath has no challenger but His grace

When I think about the wrath of God
I am laid bare
like a desolated land
there is no pride
no haughty spirit
just broken
and undone.

The power of God
spoke all things into being
formed all things
by His marvelous will
foils the power of death
and dispels all darkness
in His light.

The grace of God
is the strength of His love.
Grace held Christ on the cross
and grace is the power
that rolled the stone away
and revealed the risen Lord.

His wrath has no challenger
but His grace
and to our benefit,
for his wrath is only momentarty;
yet His favor is for a lifetime.

Yet, dare we never tame
the Lion of Juda
the Son of God.
Dare we never trifle with His mercy
or cheapen His grace.

For in due time
His wrath will be exercised
and we must pray to stand
in the day of judgment
lest we receive the penalty
due our sin.

God have mercy on our soul.

Our only hope is in His mercy and love.
How great a debt He has canceled
on our behalf.

How could we live as an enemy
of His love?

How could we show contempt
for His kindness,
mercy and love?

God help us to live worthy of Your love.
Help us to bring honor to Your Name.
And help us to stand in Your favor
on the day of judgment.

c. Kim Damon 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's not there

If you were searching for something
over and over again
but it wasn't where you were looking
would you want to know
it's not there?

I was finding myself searching facebook
and pinterest and my email
for something of meaning
something that would touch my heart
 something clever, meaningful and powerful...

But it's not there.

If you go to McDonalds for a steak
no matter how hard you search
no matter how faithfully
and diligently
you search
it's still not there.

I wondered if I went to the Word of God
(as intently and consistantly)
 for somting that would touch my heart
something meaningful and powerful
if I would (ever) come away
or untouched!

I know the answer!

He always satisfies!
gives me more than I expect!
better than I deserve!
and surpasses all my short sighted limitations!

God help me
(next time I go to social media)
to remember...
it's not there.
And come to You

c. Kim Damon 6/11/14

The righteous will live by faith

The righteous will live by faith

Father, I don't always
live by faith.
Many times I live
very much by sight.

Consumed by what I see
or scared by it
or tempted by what I see
or lulled to sleep by it.

Oh Father...

Forgive me.
Please forgive me.

I turn my eyes toward you
I seek Your guidance
Your council
Your deliverance
from all that surrounds me.

I guess I need to be picked up
out of the mud and mire
and be put back
on the solid rock.

He is
my only hope for righteousness

The righteous will live by faith...

Consume all that pursues me
all that competes for my affections
all that taunts me
as if anything is more powerful
than Your love born
will for me.

Father help me
to live by faith.

Daughter as you battle the passions
(that take your focus off me)
don't forget to surrender your weapons.
No weapon formed against you will stand
and no weapon but the sword of the Spirit
(which is the Word of God)
will defeat the half truths of your foe.

Lies are used to wound you
so pick up the shield of faith
and the helmet of righteousness
and you are ready to war against the enemy.

Sometimes deliverance is needed,
sometimes a battle.
But I will help you bend the bow.
Fear not
for I will never leave you
or forsake you.

The righteous will live by faith

c.Kim Damon 2014