Thursday, May 26, 2016

Walking by the Spirit

I could as easily have called this:
Do the next hard thing.
As I've studied the Holy Spirit
I've learned more about myself
than I have about this mysterious
Third Person of the Trinity,
but in learning about myself,
I find myself continually haveing to choose
between my will and God's will.

I wish it were so clear to me
in the moment
but rarely is it.

I react to things,
and in a split second, and I must choose,
my will
or His.
And it looks like:
the hard thing,
and what comes natural.

Is God so cruel?
can I be blamed for not doing hard things?

Is God's will really so hard?
After all,
His yoke is easy
and His burden is light.

But I find I must choose between the hard thing
and the easy thing,

Perhaps it's like a potato.
which is better for you:
a potato,
or a potato chip?

It seems pretty clear,
the potato.

But we will not be satisfied
by our delightful little fellow
(the potato),
if all we ever eat
are chips.

Does God desire us to go about the bland life of a potato?
Surely He desires us to experience all the flavor of life!
we are surely not meant to live an emotionless life,
after all we are the salt of the earth!

Well consider the variety of ways to enjoy a potato
besides these two extremes.
and if our palette becomes accustomed to the
immediate intensity of grease and salt
we will hardly recognize the potential
of this simple vegetable.

God desires us to live happy,
walk with Him through trial,
and restore joy to us when we grieve!

In fact,

In His presence is fullness of joy.
can only bring us broken,
of enjoyment,
and all at a cost to our soul.

God (on the other hand)
offers us
fullness of joy.

How could we be so easily fooled
out of our inheritance,
our birthright,
our crown of glory?

Oh, God forgive us.
Oh, Holy Spirit,
Help us to come to you
(the lover of our soul)
and receive fullness of joy!

Oh Holy Spirit, retrain our tastes
so that we savor You.
So we enjoy the richest of fair
even the pure joy found in your presence.
And the enjoyment of walking in your ways
and choosing your will.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I wanted to write something today
for my friends who's mom's have passed away,
I wanted to bless their heart.
And fill them with the blessing
this day has to offer (everyone)....
I would have to also say something
to those who's mom was abusive or neglectful
(the addicts and the abused themselves),
I would offer heart felt condolences,
and suggest that you give
what you always longed to receive.
Cry with those who cry.
Rejoice with those who rejoice.
Mourn with those who mourn.
I console myself
that my glory days of little bodies jumping on my bed
with half cooked eggs, cold toast and hand made cards
are no more,
but instead,
I have the blessing of beautiful humans
that love with the love God gave me to invest
and I have a husband who celebrates me,
as he can't celebrate his mom any more.
We are all together in this human condition
of growing up,
growing old,
and (hopefully) being reborn.
This (as with all) is the day the Lord has made,
we will rejoice and be glad in it.
May all the peace, love, and joy
that was intended for you,
be yours today,
(there's lot's of unclaimed blessings out there)
may you seek the Giver,
and enjoy them.
Happy Mother's Day to all

c Kim Damon 2010