Friday, January 24, 2014

All the words

Sometimes I fear
I'll wake one morning
to find I've used all the words.

That there will be
nothing new to write,
nothing fresh and inspiring.
That I will have
delved the depths of God
and life
and I'll be found
with no more revelations.

How sad.

Then I remember,
This is God
we're talking about
and I can never get to the end
of all there is to know about Him.
Not in a lifetime of study.

In fact,
eternity to spend with God
will not leave me
board and uninspired
on the topic of my beloved Lord.

For, the more I know,
the more I love,
and the more I long to know
and long to wrap up in His love.
There is no end to the longing for more
(not on Earth anyway).

one day,
when faith is swallowed up by sight,
Oh what delights
await our soul
and an eternity
was created
to revel in His love.


I can feel my bare feet
cool on the streets of gold
My hand smooth
on a gate of pearl.
Delighting in the warmth of
the sun on my face,
only to open my eyes
and find the Lord in front of me,
taking my hand and
walking with me
to the crystal sea.
Sights so delicious
new words will have to be created
to fully describe the beauty
and splendor.
Complete joy and rest,
total security and love,
beauty in every direction,
glory as far as the eyes can see.

On earth when I feel your glory
I don't want to move,
for fear it will vanish.
I don't want to breath,
for fear you will move away
and the feeling will be swallowed up
by this world.

In Heaven,
One day
I will have all days,
all time,
all with you,
never ending.
Oh, God
do not terry!
Teach me to hasten that day.
Oh that beautiful first day,
the beginning of all days
spent with you.

Give me the beautiful feet
that bring good news.
Give me the precious words
that speak of our forever time,
and our loving Lord,
who stepped off His throne
to be one of us,
to feel our pain,
to face our temptations,
to die our death,
and pay our debt.

Oh Jesus,
words are too small
and too few
to capture your glory and love.
yet how much more glorious
that you allow our language
to utter Your name,
to tell of Your power and love
(poured out to save our souls).
How glorious that
You choose earthen vessels
to pour Your Spirit into.

Praise you Lord of all!
Praise, honor and glory
to you Endless God
all powerful Lord of all.

c Kim Damon 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stolen Away

Stolen Away
I saw myself being picked up
and sitting on the Fathers lap.
My head resting on His chest.
I knew this time had been given to me.
I knew the Father stole me away
and brought me to a spacious place.
All attempts at pulling me back
were deflected.
This was His time
with me.
Time to eat honey
and wild locust.
Time to refocus.
Time to listen,
just to listen…
and be refreshed.
Still the picture of sitting on His lap…
”She’s mine!”
His hand holding others away.
Still water.
Powerful covering.
So close I feel His heartbeat.
Affection received.
Demands only a distant noise.
I am growing stronger
as I rest.
from loves focus,
truth penetrating,
to affect my core.
Lies and masks exposed,
made powerless.
Identity, restored.
Nothing demanded,
love exchanged.
Hope growing,
peace that sustains.
fear crushed
and faith growing from the ashes.
Unshakable vision
that sustains
and changes vision
like glasses
for the inferior sight,

c Kim Damon 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Grandma died last night.

My Grandma died last night.
She... many memories...

She was beautiful
like stunning.
Her short white hair
styled just so
made me 
want to look just like her when I'm older.

She was
and straight forward.

She spoke her mind
and moved on.
I'm sure she had week moments
I'm sure she cried
but I never saw it.
I only ever saw constant strength
and deep deep love.

All hard stuff swept together 
with all the easy stuff
and it was an inspiring monument of
the perfect life.

Not the perfect 
that came 
without flaws
but perfect
as in
I don't see the flaws
and it was the life 
I wouldn't have traded for any

I'm sorry for your loss. 
I know one day I'll have to experience it as well. 
But I don't even want to imagine it. 
I want those tears to wait till another day, 
which who knows 
may never come. 

Maybe the rest of us will all rise together 
and go join Grandma at Christ's return. 
I'm going to hope for that. 
She's in a better place. 
Life can be hard
and earth can be cruel.

God is the best One 
to handle our forever, 
and He's trustworthy. 
I love you
and I'm so very thankful 
you are my mom
and Grandma 
was my Grandma.

c Kim Damon