Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Father who art in heaven

Our Father who art in heaven,
~Father of us each
and all,
intimately caring for
and protecting, 
guarding and guiding,
who lives in a high and holy place
and with those who are broken
and contrite in spirit,
hallowed be your name,
~May we honor your name
as we bare your name,
may we respect your name
and treat your name as holy
in our lives
in our speech,
in our work
in our home.
Hallowed be your Name.
your kingdom come,
~Let your love,
your rule and authority,
be the law of my life.
My Prince of Peace ,
my King of kings,
be the only  throne
and rule in my life.
your will be done,
~Father, not my will
But yours be done
In my life in my heart
in my mind
In my joys
In my trials
In my friends family and home
With all I have and desire
Let your will be done.
on earth as it is in heaven.
~Just as all things in Heaven
fall and rise by your will
Father, let all things in my life
become greater and lesser by your desire.
Let your will
(your pure love born purpose)
be accomplished.
 May my will
(my self destructive will)
never be exalted above your will,
I lay it at your feet in surrender.
Give us today our daily bread.
~We meet our own needs
so we need never wait
or trust You
for Your loving provision.
we fill up on junk food of the world
rather than looking to you
for the feast you have prepared.
We waist away
(starving for nourishment)
filled with the rubbish of this world.
Gives us this day
our daily bread.
Oh, bread of life,
we need you today and each day,
to live and breathe and grow,
Father we give you our hunger,
fill us
this day
with our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
~Oh Father…
forgive us,
 for our sins have mounted up a debt so great
we never could repay.
And rather than decreasing our sin,
we rationalize them
and mount our debt to the sky
treating your grace cheaply
though it cost You everything 
You held dear,
forgive us our debt,
as… we… also… have…
forgiven our debtors.
~And let us cringe
as the word come off our tongue
 to be aware that we owe
the abundant forgiveness
you have given us
to others.
Father for the debt we could never repay,
we forgive everyone every offence,
willful and unknowingly against us.
Even as you suffered at the hands of sinful men
and forgave
even as we carelessly sin against you
and You forgive,
we forgive
and let the measure we use
be used upon us.
So we surrender every debt against us
Paid in full
as we stand in need of your pardon.
And lead us not into temptation,
~Oh God,
protect us from the wretches that we are.
You know our weaknesses.
Go before us
and steer us away from the pitfalls.
Lead us away from those things
that wound us
and destroy us
and those we love.
Guard the doors of our mouths
that we would not sin against you,
guard our feet
that we would not rush into sin,
guard our mind
that we would not entertain
unholy thoughts,
as they betray
our Lord.
Father lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one.
You are pure goodness, Lord,
sweep us away from the enemy,
pick us up out of deep water
and deliver us from the one
who wages war against our soul
he tempts us to leave the One we love
(to our pearl).
Father take us away
and hold us near to you.
For Yours is the kingdom
The only kingdom that will remain
and the power
the only power,
and the glory
to You be all the glory
this moment,
today all day,
and in this generation
and forever
We all agree