Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How my head ache was a blessing to me

What if the hard thing
even the really hard thing
has such valuable blessings attached
that we treasured the trial?

I'm not a masochist.
I don't like pain.
"No pain, no gain"
is not my motto.
"If it doesn't kill you,
it makes you stronger"
does not spur me on.

But today I had a headache.
So I lay down on my couch
closed my eyes
and prayed.
Sleep would not whisk me away.
I just lay there
eyes closing out light
resting my mind
I prayed.

I realized (while I was there)
I had not just prayed
for a quite some time.

What a blessing to close my eyes
and focus all my attention
on my loving Lord.
Even in pain,
the blessing of being in the presence of the Lord
with no other distractions
was precious.

After a while had passed
(maybe half an hour)
I had to get back to my day
(in pain or not)

I was totally filled with peace and joy
as I engaged the day.
After a while,
I noticed the headache had gone.
But I was so thankful for the blessing it gave me.

Alone time
with my Creator.
The Lover of my soul.
Totally worth it.


Most people want it,
long for it,
but fear it.
They hope it's possible
but are pretty sure if they invest themselves
they will most likely be rejected;
so they settle for partial truths,
partial connections
and end up with surface level conversations
and not very deep relationships.

Is transparency worth the risk?

While being wise with what you share
and with whom, is good.
Yes! It's worth it.
Some may judge you,
let them.
Some may misread you,
let them.
Some may really connect.
The longing for unity at it's core comes from the heart of God.
Jesus prayed we would be one
(even as He and the Father are one).

I believe some have a longing to receive,
and they will find they connect with others as they give.
They may even believe they have nothing to give.
It all begins with surrender to God.
Here's what I have...doesn't seem like much,
but I'll give it,
then BAM 5,000 are feed.
God does that kind of stuff every day.
God bless you