Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holy, Holy, Holy

I felt His hands cradle my cheeks
and raise my face to Him. 
His glory was all around. 
Tears streamed down,
to know His attention
and love
were focused on me. 
What of all the others,
I thought,
instantly knowing,
He was meeting their needs as well. 
Holy, Holy, Holy
eccoed in the background
while light, tears
and his touch (still on my face)
filled the forground. 
Angels covering their eyes and feet
flying with the remaining wings
worship in awe with me.  
Holy, Holy, Holy...
tears touching His loving hands.  
Keeping my face focused on Him. 
Keeping me from lowering my gaze
Eyes open just long enough to blink away
the torent being held back by my lids.
Hands raise only to wipe tears away. 
Others may think I'm sad
but truly,
pure joy holds me still
in His presence. 
Tears fall in worship
and adoration
for emotions true love
and embrace,
the One who is love defined,
love expressed,
love poured out,
love perfected,
My Lover.
My Friend.
My Master.
My Savior.

God Capture me,
Carry me,
Keep me,
Cleanse me,
Cure me,
Console me,
I am yours
All be damed that reject you
I am yours.
I am yours.
I am yours,
bought at a price,
surrendered bond servant,
at rest in you,
hidden in you,
found in you,
brought to you,
grafted into you,
a part of you.
Holy, Holy, Holy
I worship and adore you.

Friday, January 21, 2011

"Don't Speak Unless Spoken To"

It was always repeated to me
before our family visited
with my parents friends. 
"Mind your P's and Q's"
usually followed,
which I knew meant:
use good manners
but still don't understand the correlation. 
It's funny,
but I often pray:
"God please don't let me speak unless spoken to"
before a meeting. 
I love to speak
to tell stories,
to share what cool stuff is floating around in my mind. 
But if I'm not careful,
I think I take attention away from God. 
This gift He's given me,
of me speaking and others listening
of telling cool stories
and experiences
and thoughts
can put the focus on me 
or God can use me
to put the focus on Him,
to lift Him up
that He might draw men
to Himself. 
So when I ask:
"Please don't let me speak..."
It's really me wanting
to store up some stuff for later use,
and cherish some stuff in my heart,
and only speak
what God has spoken to that moment
"What Rama Word
do you want to speak
into this meeting
at this time
for these people,
to give you glory
and draw all who listen
closer to you
and fall more deeply
in love with you? 
Lord may it be so,
let me speak
only when spoken to.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Isaiah 9

The passionate commitment
of the LORD of Heaven's Armies
Isaiah 9

The Lord is the leader of the armies of Heaven
and He has a passionate commitment...
It's for His bride (that's us)
and her success
and her unity
and her freedom
He is her Wonderful Counselor,
Her Mighty God,
Everlasting Father,
and Prince of Peace.
I mean,
if the One
who commands the armies of Heaven
is passionately committed
to my success
and unity in my church
and unity for all churches,
and committed passionately to my freedom
 If He desires to Wonderfully Counsel me
to be my Mighty God,
My Father who will never leave
or fail
my Everlasting
(never rejecting or leaving)
If He is my Prince of Peace,
Could I lack anything?
Could the church lack anything?
Could I fail?
Could I be defeated?
Could I be bound?
The truth is
only if I allow it
will I ever suffer in this way
God, I surrender
to you alone.
Thank you
for your passionate commitment
to me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I had a dream...

I had a dream...
It was about a play.
I was working on painting the backdrops. 
Adults were the actors
and the auditorium was filled with children.
I loved the dream.
When I awoke,
I lay awake for a while with my eyes closed
enjoying the scenes I'd just beheld. 
Painting always makes me feel happy,
like I'm doing what I was created for.
It's euphoric actually,
does something to me (physically)
I love that.
I was happy when I got up. 
I'm a morining person
so it's not unusual to be at peace,
but I was joyful. 
As I recalled the dream,
it was so simple...
Deeper meaning didn't feel possible,
but when I thought about it,
I realized,
I teach children each day
and in Sunday School
I am painting a picture
of God's love for them. 
They see what's out there,
in the world,
but here,
they see a glimpse
of His love,
and truth 
and as the other workers in the daycare
and other church members
display love and act this out... 
Wow, my purpose in life
was truley all there in this little dream,
and I was so happy. 
I always feel bad when someone doesn't love there job. 
I mean,
I have bad days,
and it's not fun to help a child through a temper tantrum
or get spit up on
but that's just the stuff that happens in life,
I truley love my job. 
I love the staff who work for me,
I'm blessed to call them friends
and we make a difference in the lives of little people. 
They will soon enough go out there
and see the world for what it appears,
but we get to display deep truth
each day
and live it out for them. 
God thank you,
for the delight I feel doing this.
It must be part of the good works
you planned in advance for me to do. 
I wonder how my friends (who hate there jobs)
would feel if they could just see your purpose for them there. 
It makes all the hard stuff OK
and somehow worth it.
I just love being your kid, God.
Thanks for the good stuff
and the hard stuff
and that I don't have to go through it alone
or even in my own wisdom or strength. 
Thanks for giving me all I need.
And thanks for the dream...