Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Count Your Blessings (Let's just say I stopped at 133)

God, thank you for joy,
quiet giggles
soft music
deep voices
humming birds
butterfly kisses
eye lashes
little girl hugs
little boy hugs
pink cheeks
little hands to hold
big hugs
warm hearts
soft strong hugs
too many tears in worship
warm sun on my face
God's favor
times of refreshing,
warm spring rain,
swimming in the ocean,
bubbles lifting up to the blue sky
glistening water,
bubbling streams,
warm breezes,
the sun sparkling off new fallen snow,
the shape of a snowflake
bare tree branches painted white on the snowy side,
birch trees in the winter,
snow bunnies
pink puppy noses
arctic wolves,
sea lions and their large sad baby eyes,
the eyes of innocence,
the eyes of love,
the eyes of the aged (old and wise).
An old man singing,
the wrinkles in my grandmothers hands
the wings of a blue bird,
sun sets,
the milky way,
aurora borealis,
the surface of the moon,
the hope of a child,
my children,
my home
my husband,
dear friends,
my job,
my car,
my office,
my bible,
wood floors,
sandy beaches,
green leaves,
red leaves,
yellow leaves
crunchy fall leaves
spring green,
bubble gum,
guitars when they strum low,
the heart beat of my unborn children,
running my fingers through their hair,
washing baby faces,
putting babies to sleep,
Praying for friends,
praying for children
praying for those I love,
those who hurt me,
those whom I've hurt,
those who I hope for,
those who others do not hope for.
Thank you God for sea weed,
creatures that never see the sun that are white,
bats (that eat bugs),
star fish,
the shape sunflower seeds make as they grow,
the taste of milk after cereal sweetens it,
the taste of my fingers after I eat Cheetos,
thank you for the taste of ham with pineapple and currents,
gingerbread cookies,
and tea,
thank you for how they remind me of my grandma,
thank you for my pastor,
for my elders
for my mentors,
for those who went before me
for those who prayed for me,
believed in me invested in me,
hoped for me
and encouraged me.
Thank you for my mom and dad,
for the mistakes they made that helped me grow,
for the things they got right that I strive to emulate,
thank you for fingers that type,
a mind that sees visions,
and ears that hear melody,
thank you for color,
for touch
for bumpy braile (for those who cannot see)
for sound waves (to feel for those who cannot hear),
for taste
and your spirit to quicken our heart
thank you for words,
oh God I love words.
Thank you for smiles when no one is around
for joy so powerful I weep,
for love so strong it hurts
for your spirit so compelling
and so real
I feel your touch
and hear your voice.
Thank you for loving me,
oh God thank you for loving me
calling me
saving me
and never letting go of me.
And so many more things
too many to mention,
so let me return often to thank you regularly.
As often as you give,
I owe you an eternity of thank you's.