Thursday, May 29, 2014

Facebook User!

Facebook User!
Why are you here?
Wasn't there something
you were so posed to be doing?

Oh, wait,
did I just offend you?
I was talking to myself.
You are just ease dropping
on my conversation with myself.

But while you're here,
think about it for a spell.
Spell...good word.
Like you are under the hypnotic influence
of something, or someone...

What were you about to do?
What is being put off till another time?
What is a productive day made of?
How do I stave off the end of the day regrets?
How would I have used my time more wisely?
Are there more important things
than facebook
that I should be giving my attention to
but don’t have the time?

Important questions I ask myself,
and you,
if you stuck around
to find out how this ends.

I'm a terminal optimist,
so this must end
with a beginning
with me making a resolve,
to do better.

Better at doing the important things first.
Better at giving the inch,
(not the mile)
to facebook.
Better at getting my
self-esteem fix
from a better source
(yes, God!)
Better at being productive
not wasting my precious time.

But if you do come to facebook
Come to give what others long for
Come and give something of worth.
To make your friends and family
better for having come.
Then go
and make the most of every opportunity
because the days are evil
so do not be foolish,
but understand what the Lord’s will is.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Set apart

I read it in Romans 1:1 if you read fast, you'll miss it.
Really just two small words, caused such a powerful longing:
"set apart".
I wrote this to try and put words to it.

God has given me a craving
like something I want so bad
I cant reach out and get it.
I have to hunger for it
surrender all my strength
to acquire it.
Battle conflicting passions
to gain it
Run with all my might
at the same time
laying down my will
and wait for it.
It's counterfeits
are many
and dazzling
yet all crumble
waist away
and fall short
of meeting my longing.

I want holiness.

I couldn't even know of this delight
had I not beheld it
in the loving eyes of my Savior.
When it wraps around me
I rest.
When I'm confronted by it
I'm broken
I'm melted
I'm cleansed
I'm purified
Oh, God

set me aside for Your will.
and make me holy.

I'm Yours
and bare Your name.
Let me reflect Your glory
and be set aside
for Your will.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Camp...Sunday morning

And while I sit at camp
enjoying my coffee
the smell of freshly cut grass
and the hum
of the weed-eater
in my loving husband's hands
and sun warm on my skin,
I wonder if God ever tires
of hearing:
"Thank you"
So I smile
and raise my face to the sky
tears welling behind shut eyes
and share the moment with Him.
Thinking how healing His gifts are
and how blessed Grandma Betty would be
to see me sitting here with my husband
enjoying this place.
She got it...
She held things loosely.
She shared with the little girl me
her feelings of gratitude
and her cherishing
the gifts God had lent to her.
And I opened my eyes
to find the sun glistening like diamonds
on the glassy pond
knowing God did that
to delight my heart.
Birds singing His praise
generator buzzing
to keep us from truly "roughing it".
Thank you, God.
Thank you

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Live Free or Die Galatians 5

After studying Galatians 5
I want to say (with Paul):
"Be careful!
You might not recover from this.
Live free!"

And I want to say"
The Father adores you!
He loves you so much,
He gave Christ to save you.

I want to say:
You break His heart
when you live in bondage
after all He gave
to buy your freedom.

And I have known
     and I have felt the pull of gravity
             "my foot has well neigh slipped".

And I want to stress:
that Christ is stronger
than my weaknesses
His grace is more abundant
than my sin
and the freedom
(that He bought for us)
is more satisfying
and more glorious
than any

I want to say:
No matter how hard
you try
you will fail sometimes
try as hard as you can

God will live with you
help you
forgive you
cleanse you
rejoice with you
grieve with you
as you walk by
His Spirit.

Try again.
Keep trying again.
Love God.
Love His grace.
Love His children.
Love His creation.

Live a life of love,
walking by His Spirit.

All that matters
is all you have done
because of your faith
to love.

c. Kim Damon 2013