Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who is this man...

Wow, am I getting jumpy. 
I must be on edge from all that happened today. 
It was really,
a day like any other.
With the angry crowds shouting at some criminal 
and demanding we “Crucify Him!”
Pilot seemed scared of this man though,
Handing down judgment
he washed his hands.
He received the most severe beating,
one lash short of death.
Mind you,
I normally like my job,
but somehow,
it all felt wrong today.
This man didn’t turn away
or try and hide his face,
even when we mocked him
and spit in his face.
He was not ashamed of his punishment,
or insulted by our hatred of him.
He didn’t curse us
or plead and beg us to stop.
He made no threats.
he received
his wounds
and looked at me
with a loving gaze.
I couldn’t stand it!
At one point,
I blindfolded him
and covered his eyes.
Why didn’t he hate me?!
I’m good at what I do.
I’m the strongest man
In my (regiment)
I knew by his behavior,
He was stronger than me.
He wasn’t angry.
He embraced this punishment,
I don’t get it!
I just don’t understand.
Who is this man?

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