Friday, September 13, 2013

Prayer born out of Study in Ephesians

if you placed all things under Christ's feet
and appointed him to be head over everything,
then he's head of my home,
my work,
my mind,
our government,
our President,
all world leaders,
and my heart.

you put everything under his feet
and made him the head
for the church,
to benefit the church,
to build her,
to establish her,
to hold her together,
and make her spotless,
redeamed and whole,
beautiful and pure,
with no blemish.

when the powers
and even humans
look at the church,
they will see the fullness of Christ.

This is a mind blowing truth.

So incredible
(in fact)
to be a part of the church,
we may be tempted to be proud
and boast
so thank you for Pauls reminder
that while I was dead in my transgressions and sins
following the ways of this world
and gratifying the cravings of my flesh
instead of giving me your wrath
your great love compelled you
to shower stock piles of mercy
over me.
You made me alive with Christ
I had been dead.

Father you've made it clear,
it is by your grace
I have been saved
and raisd up with Christ
In fact
my spot has been saved by Christ
at his table
So that in the future
the abundance and beauty
of your grace
poured out in
the love of Christ
will be fully seen.

I dare not boast.


This was not from myself
This was all your doing
your gift to me

Father, I am your handiwork
created in Christ to do
the good work
you planned for me to do.

c Kim Damon 2013

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