Sunday, December 28, 2014

God loves you

I asked God what I could write
that would be encouraging.
Say: "God loves you".
I said, that sounds kinda corny
and some might think I'm crazy....
Crazy, not because it's not true,
but because I asked God something like that,
and He answered
and I heard Him
and I obeyed and wrote it down.
Some might think it's too simple,
God would give a deeper message.
But, the Bible mentions love 348 times.
so it must be important to God.
What if all the rules
were just to protect you from hurting yourself
and others?
What if He only said not to do something,
because it leads to bondage and pain
and He loves you and wants you to live in freedom.
He did say the most important rule
was to love God and love people.
That could be because He wanted us to love him back.
and stop hurting others
(because he loves them).
God loves you!
Seems simple,
but it pretty much sums up the Bible.
And Christianity.

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