Thursday, October 15, 2015

What does it mean to be a "living sacrifice"?

Therefor, I urge you, brothers and sisters,
in view of God's mercy,
to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice,
holy and pleasing to God-
this is your true and proper worship.

if you desire my life (lived out)
as a gift of gratitude (worship)

I want that.

I almost can't help it
(when I focus on Your Truth)
it's beauty changes me,
it's truth compels me,
to surrender.
It's beauty births
humble gratitude.

It's not in this place of surrender (to your love)
that I ever struggle to be a living sacrifice,
it's when I walk back into my daily grind,
my family,
job, and home.

It's when I am confronted
with those you desire me to love most,
to have the most influence on,
that I struggle to live out this life of gratitude,
because they are not as perfectly loving as you.

They are not perfect at all.
They are nice enough,
but their sin hurts me,
their selfishness takes from me,
their love uses me,
and I feel robbed of my strength,
I feel my strength is not enough,
I feel unable to meet their insatiable needs.

So I come back to you,
for filling up (on a good day)
on a bad day,
my pride stands up and says "No more!"
and I get angry,
and I feel used and feel selfish.

God, I want to stay reliant on you.
I don't have enough strength for everyone,
I do have what you want me to give them though,
if I stay connected to you.

You said no one can bear fruit alone,
he must stay connected to the vine.

It's like a hose expecting to give  water
with out being connected to the faucet.
To be a living sacrifice,
is to acknowledge we are just a hose.
(Not the source of water).

To stay connected to the (never ending supply)
and not so much admire the thirst quenching water,
or the covering that delivers the life giving gift,
but to adore the giver and stay in a worshiping attitude,
while He pours through us.

To seek to give rather than receive,
and to love rather than to be loved.
To seek to feed others,
rather than being feed
and to spend ourselves on behalf of others
(just as Jesus does)
this is a living sacrifice.

God allow me to keep my focus,
and to so enjoy fellowship with you,
that I never let go through out my day
and live a life surrendered to your will,
purposes and power.
I live for this.
I die for this.
God be glorified.

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