Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I need to cry
to hide away and weep
no need to explain
things I don't understand.
Complete release,
love flowing down,
tears poured out,
washing my soul
cleansing my heart.
His love mixed with mine,
flows to the river of life,
setting me free,
carrying me along.
in the river
of His love.
More at rest under
than above...
Longing to fill my lungs
with His air.
Holding my breath,
refusing to take in
what this world is offering.
Spurgeon said:
Tears are the diamonds of heaven.
Oh my wise friend,
Does Jesus value
what the world calls weak?
I know He does.
they hoard their little treasures,
to their demise.
Lord you long to melt their hearts
and give them gold that lasts...
Gold so common to you
it paves your streets...
Oh, Lord,
most profound to me,
is that you wept...
That human sorrow,
broke your heart,
and caused you to morn.
My glorious Lord.
That you bend down
and listen,
is so precious.
My dearest friend,
one day,
I know,
we'll cry our last tears
and rejoice,
in the reunion of souls,
meant to be together.
I long for that day.
May I never stop
yearning for that day.
May I never treasure
this worlds offerings
over your worship.
My glorious God and King.


  1. Lovely poetry, Kimberly! Someday I will write poetry again perhaps. Great message.

  2. Thank you so much. God gives us each such an intimate view of Himself, we have a voice never heard that will touch those He has chosen. A cleverly designed tool in the masters hands. I look forward to reading your work my friend.