Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A thought about expectations...
It's ok to expect:
God to keep His promises,
God to work good for you
in every situation.
You can expect God
never to fail you,
never to leave you,
never to forsake you
or give up on you.
Even if you fail Him
or act in disobedience
you can expect Him
to be faithful,
kind, and forgiving.
He is loving and all powerful,
He is fearcly protective
of all His children
He guards us,
adores us,
is hurt when we hurt,
rejoices when we rejoice,
intercedes when we are week
and always hopes the best for us.
It's ok to expect God
to bring about His will
and to redeem every situation.
Expectations are only safe
if you trust God to do His will,
and if you expect to
not understand everything
He's doing.

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