Saturday, April 13, 2013


Silence…Novels are written and spoken in its melody…
At times I have hated it
(when I was ruled by fear).
At times I have loved it
(when I was hopeful).
At times I have been confused by it
(well…when I was confused).
But when I embrace the silence...
it’s as if I’m walking the halls of my mind and soul
with the Lord at my side.
As we walk,
He points things out to me.
Things I have missed in the noise of my day
Things I have set in the corner,
afraid to deal with.
I’ve found on these walks,
the things I fear
hold incredible blessings for me.
And with the Lord beside me,
I never need fear.
So when the Lord says:
“Be still and listen”,
He’s really saying:
“Come away with me, my love”.
Silence…Novels are written and spoken in its rhythm…
As we walk
In the quiet
I’m learning so much
I want to capture every thought
I don’t want a bit to pass away.
I want to remember
and enjoy the steps we’ve taken together
As if the gems of insight
could be fashioned into a beautiful necklace
to be worn throughout my day
or as a song I could hum
when I need to feel His nearness again.
So I write…
I write the words He spoke
in our silent walks
I hear the rhythm
and the melody again in my mind
as the pencil caresses the paper
and then again
as my keas click with my touch.
Typing is my favorite.
I love to close my eyes
and type the words
as tears stream down my cheeks
the Lord sits with me when I write.
Like two friends remembering a journey
they’ve traveled together
still he’s teaching me
still I’m listening
still embracing the silence.
Silence...novels are written and spoken it it’s melody…

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