Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Mom’s Meditation

I pictured the few minutes
I have with each child
Before school each day
and the few minutes
I have with my husband

before work takes our
lives busily away.

And I saw Jesus
taking my place,
standing in my kitchen,
my office,
the hall,

having those moments
with my family.

I couldn’t imagine
them not being
impacted by having spent
even just a few minutes with Him.

How much better their day would go,
their lives would be.

I wished,
I prayed,
I longed,
to know how to be
Christ for them,

to know what He would have
me say
and ask
and do…

Mostly I saw
what I didn’t do.

My face was turned to them,
(not the computer).
The most important
thing in the room
became them.

They had my eye contact,
my attention,
my loves focus,
and care.

I was not desiring
to teach, so much
or correct
or direct.

I was wanting
To convey love,
adoring security.

It was all the things
I find
when I come into the Lord’s presence
It’s why I love coming.

Not that He doesn’t
and guide,
but all that flows
from the safety
of His love.

“Help me Lord”
Again, I pray.

I want to be the arms
You reach out to my children with,
the voice
You speak to them with.

Forgive me Lord
for being distracted…
Is it possible to live
an undistracted life?

YOU did,

God, be my distraction,
consume my passions,
and let your love remain.
Could I be the mom
You want my kids
to be blessed by?

Could I be the
and child of God
that does “what pleases you”

Let me “with unveiled face,
reflect the glory of the Lord”

Let the “ministry
that leads to Life”
minister through me
to my family and loved ones.
I surrender to Your will.

May my life be lived as a holy sacrifice,
As an act of worship
to you my King,
my love
my Lord.

Inhabit my day.
All my moments
I give to you.
For Christ’s glory
 And because I bare His name,

c Kim Damon 2013

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