Saturday, October 5, 2013


oh Saturday
I lay this day at your feet,
I turn my face to you
and surrender this day
to your will.

I give you (as well)
all my fleshly desires,
all my selfish motives,
and the sinful longings
that lurk in my heart.
Cleans me
and make my path

Steer me away from the pitfalls
in this day
and walk with me.
May I make the most
of ever opportunity
and enjoy
Your nearness

I don't doubt,
You have a plan for me
I fear,
I will miss it;
I fear ,
we all miss it,
more often than not,
to our loss,
to the loss of those we love,
to the loss,
of those you are seeking to save.

please don't let me
miss it.

Tears well to think of grieving
Your Spirit.
My comforter,
my consoler,
my confidant,
and companion,
my guide,
and my joy.

I'm sorry for grieving
the Spirit of God.
Please help me
(in spite of myself)
to honor
what is Honorable
and walk by Your Spirit
not in the flesh

c Kim Damon 2013

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