Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The thorn in my flesh

I feel the Truth of God
welling up
within me.
I'm painfully bursting
at the seams of my soul
longing to express Truth.

My mouth opens and
Truth pours out
at times to my surprise.

God hold my heart.
It fears man.
I think I'm judged.
I fear once my mouth opens
I talk too much.
I fear the truth is too heavy,
to deep
for casual conversation.
I fear others are angry
with me.

Yet, I cant help speaking
when You well up within me.

God help me
to be obedient.

Help others
whom I might
unintentionally intimidate.
God grant that this package
(of my life and voice)
may not offend
the listener
or bring You

God let me disappear
and let your Word
be heard
and bare fruit
for righteousness
in Your kingdom
for Your glory.

Let me move by Your Spirit
any self motivation
(that may creep beyond my view)
and be glorified.

Let this pain
be a reminder
of my constant
reliance on you.

Father guard the doors of my mouth
that I might not sin
and that I would only speak
when You are the author
and motivator
of my words.

And God would you
make a way
for me to
I miss it so much.
In your time,
by your design.

I surrender
even my longing
to you.

So many tears...

Longing to talk about
my favorite thing.
All of life
I see
through the lens
of faith
and truth.
It is gloriously
all around
and to express this
is what I long for.

God help me.
Give me permission
to speak.

So many tears.

Show me my place.
Use me Father.

c Kim Damon 2013

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