Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trials leave me homesick

leave me
for youthful joy,
they give me
for a complete embrace,
and leave me
to feel Abba's favor.

Oh God,
would you heal me.
Like a war torn land,
I'm devastated.
Like one who survived,
but only

would you move back
the storm clouds
and cause your Son
to replenish the earth?

I'm tired
and alone.
Could you bring me
to the place
of rest?

Alone is fine
I guess,
better than
having to explain
tears I don't fully
and weeping
not the best company

sweep me (so completely) away,
by the waves of your love
that I no longer remember this place;
it's air suffocates me.
I would rather hold my breath
and experience the sea
of Yourself.

Father come sit
with me
as I cry
or send you Spirit
to warm my heart.

Tears in your presence
more satisfying
than earths pleasures
and joy.

If I cant come to you yet,
Would you come to me?

Teach me to see You
all around me
so I wont be so lonely
for you.

Please silence all
that denies you
and surround me
with the reality of your love.

Wrap me up
so completely
in truth,
that I cannot escape
and no fear may enter in.

I'm homesick
for You,
my heart's only
resting place.

There is a place
(I believe it's true)
where I could surrender
and be with You.
Father I'm yours
bring me there,
or join me here.

Your loving mercy
is my only hope.

Turn to me
and have mercy on me,
as you always do
to those who love
your name.

c Kim Damon 2013

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