Friday, November 29, 2013


This's known for shopping.
The clock starts ticking,
the count down to extravagant giving.

Depressing for the lonely
and poor in spirit.
Greed is never satiated
the lust of the eyes never quelled.

Yet, all of it,
all that I dislike
and all that I dearly love,
can easily distract me
from the gift that started it all.

I have a fear that sneaks up on me,
it's the fear that
I will sit in a heap of wrapping paper
and realize
I missed it!

I didn't prepare my heart
a fresh
with childlike excitement
for the coming
a new
of the Lover of my soul.

Let this season,
with all the glitter
and all the luster
and all the magic,
remind you
of all the unearthly gifts
our King lavishes
on us daily

and let us
with the same
generous heart
be givers
of the love we have received.

God help us not to miss it!
Help us to be those who marvel
and delight
in your abundant love,
shown us best
by your gift
of Christ.

And prepare our hearts
to be a dwelling place
of celebration
for our King.

c Kim Damon 2013

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