Tuesday, June 24, 2014

God's wrath has no challenger but His grace

When I think about the wrath of God
I am laid bare
like a desolated land
there is no pride
no haughty spirit
just broken
and undone.

The power of God
spoke all things into being
formed all things
by His marvelous will
foils the power of death
and dispels all darkness
in His light.

The grace of God
is the strength of His love.
Grace held Christ on the cross
and grace is the power
that rolled the stone away
and revealed the risen Lord.

His wrath has no challenger
but His grace
and to our benefit,
for his wrath is only momentarty;
yet His favor is for a lifetime.

Yet, dare we never tame
the Lion of Juda
the Son of God.
Dare we never trifle with His mercy
or cheapen His grace.

For in due time
His wrath will be exercised
and we must pray to stand
in the day of judgment
lest we receive the penalty
due our sin.

God have mercy on our soul.

Our only hope is in His mercy and love.
How great a debt He has canceled
on our behalf.

How could we live as an enemy
of His love?

How could we show contempt
for His kindness,
mercy and love?

God help us to live worthy of Your love.
Help us to bring honor to Your Name.
And help us to stand in Your favor
on the day of judgment.

c. Kim Damon 2014

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