Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's not there

If you were searching for something
over and over again
but it wasn't where you were looking
would you want to know
it's not there?

I was finding myself searching facebook
and pinterest and my email
for something of meaning
something that would touch my heart
 something clever, meaningful and powerful...

But it's not there.

If you go to McDonalds for a steak
no matter how hard you search
no matter how faithfully
and diligently
you search
it's still not there.

I wondered if I went to the Word of God
(as intently and consistantly)
 for somting that would touch my heart
something meaningful and powerful
if I would (ever) come away
or untouched!

I know the answer!

He always satisfies!
gives me more than I expect!
better than I deserve!
and surpasses all my short sighted limitations!

God help me
(next time I go to social media)
to remember...
it's not there.
And come to You

c. Kim Damon 6/11/14

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