Wednesday, September 10, 2014



Sounds easy right?

Sounds wrong, right?

But surrendering can be

the hardest, best thing

we do.

When I find my struggle is

to do things my way,

or see things worked out, my way,

or praying for the things (in my mind),

(instead of giving up,)

and asking God to do,

whatever He feels is best.

Whatever He wants done,

is better than what I want done!

It's time to give up,

it's time to say, not my will,

but Yours oh Lord.

I want Your will.

I want my efforts and my prayers

and my commitment to be

seeing Your will done.

I give up (on getting things my way!)

I surrender to Your way,

God have Your way

in my heart and mind and soul and life,

I surrender it all to You.

In my family, work, relationships and future,

have Your way!

Thank you, God

for Your loving commitment to me,

for being the Author

and the Finisher of my faith,

for being faithful to all I commit to You.


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