Thursday, March 26, 2015

Psalm 139 ...when I consider

The One I serve has his attention focused on me.
He is attentive to my movements and knows what I meditate on.
He understands why I leave and rest, and do all things.
He knows my every motive and action and word I'm about to speak.
He guards my back, protects my front and comforts me with his touch.
There is nothing in all creation so fantastic.
I cant even think up something as perfect.

His glorious love is inexplicable, it stays with me always.
I will enjoy it in the afterlife, surrounded and filled by him,
Were my destiny to be in hell, His love would grieve with me,
Were I to explore space,
or delve to the depths of the ocean,
his powerful, glorious love would embrace me still.
Even if all sin and demonic power closed in on me, even there, the light of his love would see me, embrace me and sustain me.

All this God, because I am the work of your hands;
and you fashioned me.
You split my cells and caused them to multiply, wrote my gene code, picked my eye color, hair color, strengths, weaknesses and family, all before I was born.
How can I do anything, but adore you?
All that you have done, makes me devoted to your praise and adoration.

Even before I was conceived, you saw the DNA of my being and culminated the events of my formation and birth.
You beheld me first and decided all my moments, even wrote my story in your journal, before I even breathed air.

This is all more wonderful than my mind allows me to conceive! That I have been held in your mind, been touched and formed by your hands and seen with your eyes, is beyond glorious to me.

In fact, the amount of times you have been distracted by meditations of me is more vast than the expanse of the galaxies.
And each morning, I find you still with me.

All this gives me disdain for anything that rejects your loving kindness.
Any words that bring you dishonor, repulse me.
I can't even tolerate the sight of those who are irreverent of your precious love.

Please examine all aspects of my love, my mind, my motives, my soul and remove those things that do not honor you. And help me always reflect your goodness with my life till we are joined for eternity in paradise.

c. Kim Damon 2015

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