Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Challange

There are some pretty great challenges out there.
I've seen many this year
actually I've been tagged in six or seven.
Facebook is a great spreader of fads like this
but that makes them sound bad (sorry).

To be challenged is like being dared to do something.
As a kid I never could resist a dare.
I would jump in,
dive in,
kiss a boy
or make a prank call
all on a dare
(more than I planned to confess).

The idea is that we do a thing
we're scared to do (normally)
because someone is waiting to see if we'll do it!
So maybe it's our pride?
Or maybe we need each other to be brave.

I've been ice bucket challenged,
art challenged,
scripture challenged,
cookie challenged,
truth telling challenged
all in this year.

All of those took at least a little bravery
and I wouldn't have done (many of the things)
without the encouragement of those who tagged me.

OK, is this going somewhere?
You guessed it...
I challenge you...


May I just say, this will be hard.
And may I say, that unlike some challenges
(like the dare to kiss a boy or make a prank call)
this one, will bring about your good.

I challenge you to get strength and support from another.
It's not really my idea (not at all!),
it's God's idea.

There are two parts to this challenge.
The first is to spend some time in prayer
about something you feel God has asked you to do
(or stop doing) and write it down.
The second is to send a message
(to whom ever God puts on your mind)
and ask them to pray for you.

That's it. If you read this, consider yourself tagged!
And I hope one day to hear about how God blessed your obedience. :)
May He make you brave
and may you and the person who stands with you in prayer
be blessed!

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