Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Waiting to be discovered

I realized I was waiting to be discovered.
It was like a longing or a craving
that finally tapped me on the shoulder
and told me it's name.

Along with that revelation,
I wondered if everyone
was waiting to be discovered
and wondering what they would be valued for.

Reminds me of something I read once.
Paul said "but I press on to take hold of that,
for which Christ Jesus took hold of me" Phil3:12

You see, when Jesus looked out
into the future of mankind
and said "I want her!"
there was a reason He said it!
Like, there was something about me
that He felt was useful, delightful, lovely, precious, valuable
[wow, those were hard words to write]
He looked at all His works of art
and chose some of them
to bring near
and I was one of them.
You were one of them.
Just let that sink in for a few minutes.

Now, when Paul wrote the statement
(about taking hold of that for which Christ took hold of him),
there was a declaration of purpose and plan for his life.
Paul was just saying I want to be in that plan and about that purpose.
What ever it is.

Now some will get stuck in this thought of
"what is my purpose and what is the plan of God for me"
(for years!)
but the truth is,
it's always "Right Now" with God.
He starts with us, in this moment (right now).

So what ever we are doing, we can ask
"God what is Your purpose right now?"
Perhaps it's for you to stop what you're doing
or perhaps it's to do it (what ever "it" is) for God's glory.
Like in a humble way, so He get's the credit.
In an excellent way, so we don't dishonor His name or his church.
In a loving way, so we show the heart of God and image of Christ.
In a cheerful way, so we shine like stars in a crooked and deprived generation.

So I started by saying "I was waiting to be discovered."
I think we all are.
It's just that although we have been...discovered.
We are lost searching for some future thing
instead of embracing the "right now-ness" of God.
If we are His
His hand is upon us and He has a plan for right now.
Yes, He has gone before and prepared the way
Yes, He has been in our past as well (let that heal your memories)
But it's RIGHT NOW with God.

So surrender right now and walk with purpose
into the will of God.
Don't be fooled you cant do it alone.
Only yoked with him
and listening to him whisper this way,
now that way,
now like this
will you grow.

We will realize our true identity
and it's only found in God.
Reading, studying and savoring His Word.

You see the "Word" became flesh and dwelt among us.
Christ is our identity.
And He knocks at the door of our heart
and desires to become part of us.
To dwell among us (intimately)
and make his home with us
and work with us
explaining things to us along the way.

In essence, when we focus on the love of God
and surrender to His will and plan
we cannot fail.
It's only when we are distracted by the "what if's" of life
that we begin to sink.
But if our focus is steadfast on the Lord,
there is no need (ever to fear).
And we will have our purpose in life fulfilled.

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