Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The humble cannot be humiliated

I have thought about what to write
and how to put letters and syllables together
to make a coherent view of our humility.
Sometimes my nemesis (pride)
clouds my mind with self consoling rationalization
and self-pitying affirmation
all of which,
stand in the way of my clearly assessing my worth.

I should say, my worth apart from the merits of Christ.
Because I can't take any stock
or proud assurance of anything good
apart from His enablement,
and therefore deserve no credit,
for any good thing, I've done,
and therefore no pride
in any good attribute I may display.

Therefore, if any human
(or the Holy Spirit for that matter)
would point out any sin in me
(which stands contrary to the holy standard of God)
I should in no way be offended,
but rather thank them,
as this evil thing,
seeks to cause my ruin
and drives others away from a clear view of God
as well as discredits any witness I would hope to have.

I had said:
"the humble cannot be humiliated"
because if we are humble,
we hate our sin as much as the devil of hell.
Sin is the stench of hell,
it is the nails that held my Saviors body to the cross
and pierced his side.

I hate my sin.
Call it out!
Gouge it out!
Cast it from me,
cut it off,
and cast it in the fires of hell!
God take the coal
and cleans my lips,
here I am.

I want no part of hell
to take up camp in my life
in my heart
in my mind.
I want no melody of hell to come from my mouth
or no rhythm of hell to corrupt my movements.

God I want to be holy.
If anyone (in anger or with ill intent)
would call to my sight some sin of mine,
they are my dearest friend,
that I would repent and be forgiven
for entertaining this cancer (that is eating away at me),
that I would be healed and set free of this thing
(that seeks my ruin,
while cloaking it's self as my friend and confidant).

God help me,
and use all means under heaven
and in heaven
and all Your power and authority
to accomplish Your will of holiness
in my heart, mind, soul, and life!

And praise be to God
for loving my frail and rebellious self
and for being patient with my folly
and rescuing me from the retch that I am
and making me his child
through Christ our Lord.


  1. You are so very welcome. God bless you richly with His grace and mercy and love.