Thursday, December 31, 2015


Father thank you for all you've walked me through this year.
You have guided and helped me in years past.
Your faithfulness has never failed me.
If there was ever any lack
it was for my turning,
never yours.

But thank you for this year.

This year, I've learned from my friends
(and from your Spirit), that it's safe to be real.
To be humble, vulnerable and loving.

All those things may seem at first glance easy,
but they get at the heart of faith,
and they can be so hard.

To be humble can be seen as weak,
I don't fear being weak anymore.
In truth I've always been weak,
and when I am most honest about that,
your power is seen.
I've learned it's safe to be weak,
I can find rest, at your side
and your power helps me.
I rest in your strength and I'm safe.

I've learned it's OK to be vulnerable.
What a strange thing to be thankful for,
but as I've opened up deep things
to those close to me,
I've been set free and healed,
both from those things and from the fear of man.

Love and trust grow in the soil of transparency.

Dear friends have invited me to pray for their freedom as well.
It's been a year filled with many victories.

It turns out, you really did want us to grow in unity
and I've enjoyed seeing this happen.
Guided by your Spirit as we study your Word and wrap up in it's truth,
we have read about the principles of fellowship,
now we have grown in our experiential knowledge of it.
Thank you, Lord.

We are learning to cherish each other.
It turns out, as we study your Word,
your Spirit helps us.
Wisdom and peace,
grace and compassion,
kindness and gentleness

are growing in our midst.

Thank you, Lord.

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