Thursday, March 24, 2016

Holy Thursday

    May your Holy Thursday bring you benefit that will last.  
    Something trivial. 
    Something witty and sarcastic. 
    Something flashy or cute. 

    They all get attention for a moment, 
    but they bring no benefit. 
    There's no bank of goodness
    these things fill up to give us wealth 
    of any sort. 

    This might be my "everything is meaningless"
     thought for the day... 

    Truth (on the other hand) will last.
    It might be mocked, 
    or passed over, 
    but it will add value to your life. 

    Here's a cool Proverb: 
    "Wisdom is of utmost importance, 
    therefore get wisdom. 
    Though it cost all you have, 
    get understanding."

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