Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What are you hiding from?

What are you hiding from, oh man,
that you bow your head in shame?
Do you hide from your Maker?
The Maker of Heaven and Earth?
Do you fear His wrath?
Have you not heard of His love?
Do you not seek His face,
that you would see the love in His eyes?

there's pain there too,
anger as well
for tyranny and injustice,
shame for the grievous acts of man,
but only the mournful sigh
of a parent before he acts to bring correction.
Don't you know it's His kindness that leads to repentance.

Only for the will and desire of reconciliation.
Only all done for love.
Only all done for love,
for love.

Never hide your face in shame.
Always look to Him for love
it has been your promised inheritance.
Only always look to him in love
as one who seeks a parent's affection.

It is His motivation to span the earth's deepest recesses
that not one of his beloved children would be lost.
There is no place a sheep can wander
to be out of His love or reach of concern.
There is no sin that covers one's head so completely
that the grace of his mercy cannot wash the stains away.
There is no darkness that can hide us from his affection,
(try as it may).

Step into the light and raise your gaze
to the Lord of Heaven's Armies.
The the Light of His countenance.
The the brightness of His affection.
There is mercy there.
All is well,
all is forgiven,
all is perfect light
and sorrow and grieving flee away
in the brightness of his love and affection.

Why hang your head oh man?

Turn your face to haven
and receive rest for your soul.
Joy for your sorrow,
relief for your sickness
and mercy for your sin.

Be refreshed in the light of his love.
He is alive.
He is here.
He is Almighty.
As he takes my face in His hands
and kisses my brow
I know I am His
I am changed.
I am loved.
I am Abba's.
Oh, God thank you.
Abba thank you

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