Monday, February 6, 2017

Looking for love, in all the wrong places

Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.
but who is pure in heart?
Is that even a thing?
It must be, right God?
It must be...
I confess though,
my love is not pure.

I get mixed up
and love stuff.
Love gets mixed with lust and idolatry.
The love of the world
(deceptively) creates hatred
for the constraints of pure love.
The love of my eyes
blinds me to pure love.

So who will rescue me?
Who will fix, what I
perpetually, break?
Is all hope lost?

We sing:
Purify my heart, Oh God..
David sang:
Test me and try me
(longing for God's unfailing love to fix him).
We are told to love God
"with all our heart, soul, mind and strength"
and this is our best, highest, purest,


Why wish?
I wish, like I long for a thing
(so beautiful and perfect)
so pure,
it seems impossible.
I only want it.
I only wish.

Like a child who still hopes
a miracle will happen,
and it might come true.
Untainted by repeated failure.
Untrained by the world's lies.
Pure love.

So can I go back?
Can grown-up me
get that pure heart back?
I do (after all) want to see God.
The purest love I have ever known,
was extended to me by God.

He has shown me pure love,
He demonstrates it for me daily,
and if I keep my focus on Him,
His love changes me.

Bit by bit.

At times it feels like one step forward
and two steps back,
but God is patient with me,
and each day, He brings me farther
along the path to pure love.

Think about that,
daily, I'm closer,
daily I'm better.
I wont reach 100 percent pure,
on earth,
but one day,
He will finish what He started,
and until then,
I give Him my heart continually,
and ask that He fix it.
I surrender my longings,
and ask that He only give me
what's best.
I look to Him,
(the lover of my soul)
and He purifies my heart.
As I go about my life
I keep my best love for Him,
and He teaches me
(in His patiently persistent manner)
to love with a pure heart.

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