Thursday, February 2, 2017

A little discomfort is not a bad thing

As often as we eat
out of boredom,
and are rarely hungry.

As often as we speak
without giving pause,
and fail to truly listen.

As often as we give-in
to cravings of the flesh,
(never hungering and thirsting
for righteousness).

We have lost something.
In our haste,
we rob ourselves
of rare treasure.

Waiting on the Lord
brings great gain.
Seeking God with all our
heart, soul, mind and strength,
takes some effort
some discomfort.

Have we,
in this time of
instant everything,
lost the art of

Given up our right
to indescribable joy?

Oh God, forgive us.
Us, because we all fall pray
to this deception.
Is there no good thing worth waiting for?
No treasure worth spending yourself to gain?
No good, you would sacrifice everything for?


Yes, there is.
Father forgive us.
Father forgive me.
Father, transform us,
in spite of ourselves,
for your Name's sake and glory
and for our greatest good. 

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