Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I had a dream...

I had a dream...
It was about a play.
I was working on painting the backdrops. 
Adults were the actors
and the auditorium was filled with children.
I loved the dream.
When I awoke,
I lay awake for a while with my eyes closed
enjoying the scenes I'd just beheld. 
Painting always makes me feel happy,
like I'm doing what I was created for.
It's euphoric actually,
does something to me (physically)
I love that.
I was happy when I got up. 
I'm a morining person
so it's not unusual to be at peace,
but I was joyful. 
As I recalled the dream,
it was so simple...
Deeper meaning didn't feel possible,
but when I thought about it,
I realized,
I teach children each day
and in Sunday School
I am painting a picture
of God's love for them. 
They see what's out there,
in the world,
but here,
they see a glimpse
of His love,
and truth 
and as the other workers in the daycare
and other church members
display love and act this out... 
Wow, my purpose in life
was truley all there in this little dream,
and I was so happy. 
I always feel bad when someone doesn't love there job. 
I mean,
I have bad days,
and it's not fun to help a child through a temper tantrum
or get spit up on
but that's just the stuff that happens in life,
I truley love my job. 
I love the staff who work for me,
I'm blessed to call them friends
and we make a difference in the lives of little people. 
They will soon enough go out there
and see the world for what it appears,
but we get to display deep truth
each day
and live it out for them. 
God thank you,
for the delight I feel doing this.
It must be part of the good works
you planned in advance for me to do. 
I wonder how my friends (who hate there jobs)
would feel if they could just see your purpose for them there. 
It makes all the hard stuff OK
and somehow worth it.
I just love being your kid, God.
Thanks for the good stuff
and the hard stuff
and that I don't have to go through it alone
or even in my own wisdom or strength. 
Thanks for giving me all I need.
And thanks for the dream...

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