Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Thought


There came a thought,

to the peripheral of my thinking

of supreme importance,

yet, enough out of reach,

were I to continue on

with random self-important thoughts,

I would have missed it.

I felt it’s weight and value

it beckoned me to focus,

and abandon trivial pursuits.

My mind reached out

and grabbed the thought
with complete concentration,

and I opened my ears

in stillness,

to listen.

Even this exercise

in disciplined


and anticipated discovery,

was an analogy of my

message, itself.

God’s ways are not my ways

His thoughts are not my thoughts.

If I am to walk in the freedom

and victory

of a child of God

I must let go of self.

All believers,

must quit playing church,

quit busing themselves

with self-important,

self-serving matters,

and surrender,

reach out,

and hold on for dear life,

to the Savior of their souls.

Yet even as I write the words,

I know,

the bond of salvation 

is not secured by my grip,

but in my longing for connection,

my Savior reaches out past my grasping hand,

for my entire self,

and the arm

that is not too short to save

lifts me into His presence.

I am on the water with my Lord,

storms raging around.

I sit by the fire with  my Lord,

tears stream

and heart warmed

by my Lords request

for loves surrender.

He is the vine,

I am the branch.

He valued me enough

to graft me in.

How could I not desire

loves abiding surrender?

His ways are not my ways,

His thoughts are not my thoughts.

I was made of earthly things,

which swirl still around my mind.

He has no beginning

and Heaven holds His throne.

I want nothing more,

than what He wants,

for my every moment and thought.

The freedom,


and rest

I long for,

are found only in Him. 

Seeing all other things,

in light of His love.

With His love flowing

in my veins,

I surrender,


and abide in Him.

So this day

I commit to

be still and listen,

even in the noise of my busy day.

He is the pearl of great price,

my Perfect Thought,

the Oil to light my way,

I would be ill equipped and foolish with out.

Oh, Lord

Wrap me up and keep me hidden in You.

Your ways are not my ways,

Your thoughts are not my thoughts.

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