Monday, May 27, 2013

Turn my eyes away from worthless things

Turn my eyes away from worthless things;
preserve my life according to your Word.

Even as I pray this
and love these words
I feel distracted;
my eyes and my mind
continually look away
to worthless things.
I pray thee Lord to save me
from the retch that I am.
We are (indeed)
blind pitiful and poor.
Even my best attempts at holiness
and sincerity are interrupted
with thoughts that are impure
or unfocused.

Is there any hope for me?
Have we all like sheep gone astray?
When the Lord returns,
will there be any who are faithful,
any who understand,
any who seek God?

lest you save us from ourselves Lord,
we don't stand a chance.
I fear
I am as capable of forfeiting my prized position
as a gullible child.
Father, keep me by your strength.
I fear
I am not strong enough to stand the test
to be found ready and waiting
at the Lords return.
In fact,
when I consider all my faults,
all I do is fear...

But, then I am heartened
by the remembrance of His words...
"He is able"
and I remember,
it's not about me,
He is able.
It's about Him.
He is the Author
and Finisher
of my faith.
Some of my chapters are sad
some make me ashamed
some put me on top of the mountain
in the presence of the Lord.

But my story is about the faithfulness
and constant loving kindness
of my never changing
passionately loving
all powerful
King Jesus.
He is not just any author
in human terms,
they'll be no unresolved plots,
no abandoned work,
no writers block.

He is the Author,
and the Finisher
of my faith.

In all my distractions
He pours out more grace,
lavishes it on me.
Around every corner
awaits new signs of His love,
more reminders
of His faithfulness and care.

Two constants I see clearly in my story:
I am never as holy as I wish I was
and His love for me is not changed by my weaknesses.

The story of my life and faith
is all about
His strength
that covers my weaknesses.
It's all about my continually being surprised
by His kindness to me.
I'm continually amazed
that He says my name.
that He doesn't give up on me
that He does not abandon me
for another more holy more righteous vessel.
That He grabs my attention
and shows me His glory
in my lowest hours.

How could God be so kind?
How could I look away from such beauty?
How could I resist such love?


Come Lord Jesus
on your white horse
and rescue your bride.
Come Lord Jesus
finish my story of faith
with everlasting love
exchanged in glory.


c Kim Damon 2013

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