Friday, January 24, 2014

All the words

Sometimes I fear
I'll wake one morning
to find I've used all the words.

That there will be
nothing new to write,
nothing fresh and inspiring.
That I will have
delved the depths of God
and life
and I'll be found
with no more revelations.

How sad.

Then I remember,
This is God
we're talking about
and I can never get to the end
of all there is to know about Him.
Not in a lifetime of study.

In fact,
eternity to spend with God
will not leave me
board and uninspired
on the topic of my beloved Lord.

For, the more I know,
the more I love,
and the more I long to know
and long to wrap up in His love.
There is no end to the longing for more
(not on Earth anyway).

one day,
when faith is swallowed up by sight,
Oh what delights
await our soul
and an eternity
was created
to revel in His love.


I can feel my bare feet
cool on the streets of gold
My hand smooth
on a gate of pearl.
Delighting in the warmth of
the sun on my face,
only to open my eyes
and find the Lord in front of me,
taking my hand and
walking with me
to the crystal sea.
Sights so delicious
new words will have to be created
to fully describe the beauty
and splendor.
Complete joy and rest,
total security and love,
beauty in every direction,
glory as far as the eyes can see.

On earth when I feel your glory
I don't want to move,
for fear it will vanish.
I don't want to breath,
for fear you will move away
and the feeling will be swallowed up
by this world.

In Heaven,
One day
I will have all days,
all time,
all with you,
never ending.
Oh, God
do not terry!
Teach me to hasten that day.
Oh that beautiful first day,
the beginning of all days
spent with you.

Give me the beautiful feet
that bring good news.
Give me the precious words
that speak of our forever time,
and our loving Lord,
who stepped off His throne
to be one of us,
to feel our pain,
to face our temptations,
to die our death,
and pay our debt.

Oh Jesus,
words are too small
and too few
to capture your glory and love.
yet how much more glorious
that you allow our language
to utter Your name,
to tell of Your power and love
(poured out to save our souls).
How glorious that
You choose earthen vessels
to pour Your Spirit into.

Praise you Lord of all!
Praise, honor and glory
to you Endless God
all powerful Lord of all.

c Kim Damon 2014

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