Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Grandma died last night.

My Grandma died last night.
She... many memories...

She was beautiful
like stunning.
Her short white hair
styled just so
made me 
want to look just like her when I'm older.

She was
and straight forward.

She spoke her mind
and moved on.
I'm sure she had week moments
I'm sure she cried
but I never saw it.
I only ever saw constant strength
and deep deep love.

All hard stuff swept together 
with all the easy stuff
and it was an inspiring monument of
the perfect life.

Not the perfect 
that came 
without flaws
but perfect
as in
I don't see the flaws
and it was the life 
I wouldn't have traded for any

I'm sorry for your loss. 
I know one day I'll have to experience it as well. 
But I don't even want to imagine it. 
I want those tears to wait till another day, 
which who knows 
may never come. 

Maybe the rest of us will all rise together 
and go join Grandma at Christ's return. 
I'm going to hope for that. 
She's in a better place. 
Life can be hard
and earth can be cruel.

God is the best One 
to handle our forever, 
and He's trustworthy. 
I love you
and I'm so very thankful 
you are my mom
and Grandma 
was my Grandma.

c Kim Damon

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