Thursday, March 13, 2014

These three remain

These three remain
faith, hope, and love;
but the greatest of these
is love.

So why do I see
doubt, fear, and hate;
all around me everyday?
(hatred most destructive)

Is it possible many choose
to live under the Eyore storm cloud;
when the reality of God's
love (like sunlight streams all around)?
But who would make such a choice?

I fear my childhood friend Eyore
did not choose his lot.
He only knew what he
and couldn't see
the reality of God's love
all around.

Surely Piglet would cheer him?
But at every effort
his cheer was met with gloom.
It was still true:
Opportunities for
faith, hope, and love
are all around
but each must choose.

my child self couldn't see
what the adult me knows-
we choose to embrace the cloud
of doubt, fear and hate
we choose
the warm sunlight
and live with what will remain
and love
the greatest of these
being love.
c. 2014 Kim Damon

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