Sunday, March 23, 2014


They are just words,
after all.

Could words really change things?
Just words?
I get tired of words;
their orientation and configuration
always bring me down.

maybe not always.

But on the rarity,
(truth is spoken)
I feel undone,
then (like I'm remade),
I feel strengthened,
I feel whole,
forgiven and new,
but they're just words.?

Doubt creeps in
and steels the beautiful ones.

I get so tired of words,
the common ones anyway.

The rare ones,
the beautiful ones,
they call to me,
they say:
“there is more here than you can see”
they say:
“there is more!
More that is lovely,
more that is joyful,
more that is to be believed
and hoped for.”

Could I hold out for the uncommon words?
Could I hold them tightly enough,
to drown out the cruel,
the harsh,
the hateful and dark words?

Oh, God,
I get so tired of words.

Oh to feel,
oh to see,
all that my faith is built on.
All that you have taught me is true.

God guard those words.
The ones that bring me delight.
The ones that sustain me.
God guard my heart.

They are just words after all.
But the true ones;
the rare beautiful ones,
they are light and life,
they are hope and breath.

God could you change
really change things
with words?

Maybe it's just that the holy ones were spoken by broken vessels.
Maybe it's just that you transcribe your words by the hands of men,
who also use those hands to sin.

Yet, how much more glorious
if those with ears to hear
and eyes to see
can grasp those precious,
beautiful words,
and hold them,
and keep them.

Oh my True Word,
my Bread of life,
breath your Spirit
into those Words

and let them bring life.

c. Kim Damon 2014

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