Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Good Friday?
Does everyone pause after they say it
or hear it?
the day is distinguished
above them all
as "good".

Our Lord breathed His last,
His life poured out
on that first,
"Good Friday".

All the sins of every man
who have walked the earth
or ever will,
were transferred to our loving Lord
on that Friday.

I always struggle to call that "good".
My heart retches at the thought of that being "good".
I'm devastated that some of His pain was caused
by my lifetime of casual sins
my patterns of willful choices.
Oh God,
I'm sorry.

I know no other way for man to be saved.
The Creator,
has said there is none.

So my only hope is held in this
the greatest act of selfless love.
This love
(not the nails)
kept Him on that cross.
He raised the dead,
He healed the blind,
He parted the sea,
He could have come down.
He could have suffered less,
or not at all.

Yet, His love compelled Him.
For the love of man
He stayed,
He suffered,
He purchased,
my soul.

How could I not call
this act of love
(never heard of before,
never equaled sense)
how could I not call
this gift

Thank you, Lord
Thank you, Father
I am yours.

c. Kim Damon 2014

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