Friday, April 18, 2014

The "What If" Game

What if we used our imagination
while we read scripture?
As an aid in seeing more clearly.
Our image nation,
or imagination
is often used to hinder us.

We hear:
God is not for me,
that blessing does not apply to me.
They would not except me...
The enemy (or our self doubt),
uses our imagination all the time.

What if we played the “what if” game
in our faith,
to better our understanding
of truth.

What if He really does say my name?
He does,
and I believe He does
because scripture says so.
But when I imagine it...
I am undone.

If you read some delightful thing
about how God rejoices over you
with singing.
You may have great faith,
and instantly believe it's true,
in your core.
But even you...
you of great faith...
if you imagine the Lord,
adoring you
and singing a song of love
as He looks at you,
you must be deeply touched.

What If all that I believe
was seen,

This is a powerful gift.
God help me to wrap up in your truths
and love you with all of my mind.
Even the creative imaginative parts.
May I grow and be a blessing
to this dark lost world
because of all you show me
as I meditate on your truth.
For Your glory,


c. Kim Damon 2014

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