Sunday, January 25, 2015

All Words

All the words that are spoken
and those that we hear,
all the words that form thoughts,
our meditations, our fears.
The words that praise our Father,
and bring our fellow man a curse,
all the words we cherish
and those we think on
with remorse.
O God help us...
The Word spoke
all things into being
the Word took on flesh
and became a human to be seen.
He lived out God's love and tenderness
He spoke Words of life
and bid us confess.
The words used to tempt us
and the excuses we gave,
the words pronounced the verdict "Crucify!"
sending Christ to the grave.
And I'm sure there were Words that woke you
and bid you arise,
the loving Words from the Father
with tears in His eyes.
He brought you back
to completely concur the grave
just like He first sent you
our souls to save.
Oh the Words
all the words
that cure,
and set free.
Oh the words
all the words
that mean the world to me.
Father help us.
Teach us their worth.
Allow us to use them while we
remain on the earth.
Use them to praise you
and tell of your story.
To a lost generation
that must learn of your glory.
God teach us words power
and value and worth.
That we'll be judged
for every careless word
spoken here on earth.

Oh God, help us.
c. Kim Damon 2015

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