Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You might not want to read this

You might not want to read this.
Sorry it's a bit long.
I have a fever...
fluid in my right ear...
a sinus infection
and an upper repertory infection,

I'm not even complaining about it.
I'm on an anti-biotic now
and I've learned some things about myself.

I take health for granted.
I rarely get sick but this one has been kicking my butt
for about 2.5 weeks now.
It makes me thankful for the health
I'm not currently enjoying
and it makes me thankful for the new body
I'll get one day,
that will not get sick or die.

I'm also grateful for the illness
because it helps me to slow down.
I'm taking pleasure in little things
like soup and how good tea feels when I drink it.
I'm thankful for the miracle
that is Nyquil
because it stopped my coughing for 6 or 7 hours straight.

I'm thankful for the doctor who calmly saw me
after a day (and probably weeks)
filled with sick patience
giving no fear for his own health
to be in a tiny room with us.

I'm thankful that I got to see my friend Emily Baxter
at the doctors office (who I haven't spoken to in months)
what a blessing!

I'm thankful for the friends who hug me anyway
(without regard for the germs) I

'm thankful that my class last night went on
without a major coughing spell in the midst of it
and for clarity of thought enough to go and do it.

God is so good that not even an illness
or a cold winter filled with snow
or any tragedy not things above or things below
or anything else in all of the history of things
or ever
could separate us from His love,
care and provision.
God bless your day!

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