Monday, August 24, 2015

Psalm 23 in my own words.

The one with authority over all
owns me,
guides me,
protects me,
cares for me
and keeps me.
There is no good thing, I lack.
My Master causes me to find deep tranquil rest,
He surrounds me with peace,
He gives me new strength in my core.
He is alluring to my heart
and beacons me to follow Him
as He leads me in truth
because I am His
and bear His name.
At times trials rob me of clarity
and I am wrought with sadness
But I will not be held captive by fear
Your presence fills me with love,
and scatters my foes,
and You stay with me
and in Your strength, I rest.
Your generous provisions are laid out for me
in front of those who wish me harm.
You cleanse me and mark me as your own,
and set me apart for your purpose.
I feel abundantly cared for.
I am certain your kindness and affection will
guard me until I join you in eternity.
And I will enjoy all time
with my hearts desire
(of living with my Shepherd).

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