Monday, September 21, 2015

God's favorite

I feel like I'm God's favorite.
(You might be thinking)
That's pretty presumptuous of you”
But let me explain.

I heard someone explain
(after their Mother died)
that they always felt like their Mom's favorite.
After all the children gathered,
they all expressed the same feeling,
and became aware,
that their Mother had a gift for giving love
in such a powerfully personal intimate manner,
that each child felt like they had been the closest
to their Mother's heart.

I heard this story early in my Motherhood
and kept it as my ambition,
to always love each child
(as if they were the only one
as if they were my favorite).

God has that gift.
His love for me,
the way He speaks to me,
the way He comes to me,
the way He reveals Himself to me,
the way He protects me and keeps me close,
all make me feel highly favored by Him,
makes me feel like I'm His favorite.

I am totally aware that He gives this invitation

(for passionately personal intimacy) to all His children.
I'm not just aware of it,
I believe it's imperative as His child that I enjoy this benefit
in such a way, that I invite others to come in to the same unity with God.
I also believe (not only am I an invite-er or a minster of reconciliation)
but I believe it's God's passionate desire that all of His children
would come deeper,
would look higher,
would surrender more
into the heart of God.
Into their relationship
with God,
so they would know they are God's favorite
as well.
Behold, I stand at the door and knock,
if anyone hears my voice
and invites me in,
I will enter and sup with him
and he with me.
We don't just get to have supper with Him.
He also says:
take my yoke upon you and learn from me.
He wants us to work right beside Him
and listen to Him
and learn His ways.
He said His blood was like wine
and His body like bread
because He wanted 
the seal of our cleansing
and union with God to be part of us,
to bring us joy
and give us strength
in our life.
The prayer He prayed for us
expressed His longing for 
such intimate relationship with us
that we would literally be ONE with
Him and with the Father,
even in the same manner Christ is
one with the Father.
You can't get more favored
more intimate in a relationship
than that.
Turn your face to the Father
Turn your face to Jesus
Turn your face to the Holy Spirit
and surrender your all,
your everything,
and receive the union with God that He desires,
be God's favorite.

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