Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Turn your face upward

Turn your face upward.
Close your eyes,
and look to the Lord of Heavens's armies.

There you are,
I've been waiting all day for this.
Come and sit a while.
There was nothing I needed to tell you, 
except I love you.
And you're safe.
You're loved.
And you are safe.

All day you looked for the affirmation of your souls worth, 
for confirmation of your safety.
And these things could only be found here.
You might hear the words elsewhere. 
You may have the promise else where.
But your soul knows better. 
Your soul will only rest when I tell you.

Oh my darling child, 
let me wash away the lies that you settle for.
Your identity is sullied by the image of the world
Come, focus on me and be renewed.
Let me restore all the beauty I have created in you.

I adore you.

Let your soul sing it's heart ache, 
let your soul sing it's grieving,
let your soul sing it's longing for home.
I love to hear the melody of your soul.

The one who gave you wings will teach you to fly,
the one who gave you voice will teach you to sing,
the one who gave you eyes will teach you to see.
There is more to life than you can discover on your own.

Let me teach you great mysteries 
(hidden since the creation of the world).
My Spirit has the delights you long for.
Put down those counterfeits, 
and come away.
Come away.
Dance in the beauty of our togetherness.
Let the light of my love banish fear and doubt.
Let the light of my love cleanse you 
and heal you 
and guide you.

Oh bless you, Lord.
Oh God take my tears and except my worship.
Forgive my wandering heart.
I'm so sorry for delighting in other things.
Oh, God you are beautiful.
You alone are light and love.
You alone are my soul's joy and song.
You alone are my hearts passion.
You alone are worthy of all my adoration.

Father you alone bring me to the place of peace and rest.
I struggle and strive while you are near
(longing to lift me above my trials and give me insight).

Forgive me Father.
Holy, Holy, Holy.
Praise to The King of Kings.
I adore you.

Holy, holy, holy.
Praise to the king of Kings
you are my every thing,
and I adore you.

God don't let me leave the same.
In fact, don't let me leave.
When I turn my gaze to work that needs doing,
come with me.
Let my countenance still glow
for the time I have faced your glory.
Let the aroma of your loveliness still fill my lungs,
stay with me
and be my joy,
my peace
my light.

Oh, my sweet girl,
I am always near,
turn your face to me.
I wish for it.
I wait for it.
I shower you with blessings and favor and wait for you to notice.
Draw near to me and I draw near to you.
Because my attention is on you, my little one.
I am an attentive father.
I am near.
Lean in and rest.

Thank you Father.
Here are the tears of my love.
Father I adore you.

Rest my love. 
your soul finds rest 
in it's Creator alone.

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