Saturday, October 1, 2016

What if I told you "I have an agenda"?

It makes me feel uncomfortable
when I realize someone is trying to say something
other than what they are saying.

Politicians don't ever answer questions anymore,
they just wait for a chance to speak.
Wait for a chance to promote their agenda,
looking for a segue,
into what they want to talk about.

So is it wrong to have a thing that motivates you?
A thing that colors all that you say,
all that you do?
A passion so strong,
that even as you focus on one thing,
it only has meaning if it's flavored by your main thing?

I realized I have an agenda.
I'm not always true to it (sadly).
Sometimes I get distracted,
I swerve off the path and head in a less than productive direction.
But when it comes to the heart and soul of my identity,
my passion
when distilled into purity
my passion is a reaction
to a rescuing love of God for me.
And the reaction
is to love God back
and love those whom He created.

My heart longs for this love to permeate all that I do.
I wish and hope and pray that my words would be flavored by this love.
I wish and hope and pray that my actions would display this love.
I wish and hope and pray that my prayers would be filled with the will of this love.
My agenda, is to testify about this love.

To the extent that I am transparent in this,
it is to His glory.
to the extent that I hide this,
or fail in anyway to hold this out,
that would be to my shame.
yet another sin that nailed my Lord to the cross.
One more bit that He suffered to redeem me.

Oh God let me hold fast to the Word of life.
Let me live well.
Let me love well.
Let me pray well.
For your glory,
and my purest longest lasting joy,

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