Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holy, Holy, Holy

I felt His hands cradle my cheeks
and raise my face to Him. 
His glory was all around. 
Tears streamed down,
to know His attention
and love
were focused on me. 
What of all the others,
I thought,
instantly knowing,
He was meeting their needs as well. 
Holy, Holy, Holy
eccoed in the background
while light, tears
and his touch (still on my face)
filled the forground. 
Angels covering their eyes and feet
flying with the remaining wings
worship in awe with me.  
Holy, Holy, Holy...
tears touching His loving hands.  
Keeping my face focused on Him. 
Keeping me from lowering my gaze
Eyes open just long enough to blink away
the torent being held back by my lids.
Hands raise only to wipe tears away. 
Others may think I'm sad
but truly,
pure joy holds me still
in His presence. 
Tears fall in worship
and adoration
for emotions true love
and embrace,
the One who is love defined,
love expressed,
love poured out,
love perfected,
My Lover.
My Friend.
My Master.
My Savior.

God Capture me,
Carry me,
Keep me,
Cleanse me,
Cure me,
Console me,
I am yours
All be damed that reject you
I am yours.
I am yours.
I am yours,
bought at a price,
surrendered bond servant,
at rest in you,
hidden in you,
found in you,
brought to you,
grafted into you,
a part of you.
Holy, Holy, Holy
I worship and adore you.

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